Hello, and welcome to the Vespa Club of Los Angeles (VCLA) website!

The VCLA is not a club in the traditional sense. It is a losely associated organization, dedicated to uniting LA-area scooterists for charity rides and/or special events. It is not affiliated with any particular club, but rather all clubs and individual riders who want to ride with other riders from all over Los Angeles for a good time and/or for a good cause.

In 2005, the VCLA organized the Hurricane Relief ride and donated money to both the Red Cross and, more specifically, scooterists in need in the hurricane-affected areas, through Scooter-Relief.org. In 2006, the VCLA designated the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles as one of our official charities, and sponsored a "Toy Ride" to the hospital during the year-end Holidays to kick off our association with them. More such charity rides are being planned to the CHLA, as well as for other charities, and will always be one of the focuses of the VCLA.

And, even though the emphasis is on Vespa motorscooters, the VCLA welcomes anyone interested in any type of European motorscooters. If you ride or own one, we invite you to participate in any and all of our events.

Just because you are already in a club, or ride with another group, that does not mean you can't also be part of the Vespa Club of Los Angeles. The VCLA is comprised of riders from all over Los Angeles, and from various clubs, who are also dedicated to promoting the preservation of Vespas, and other European motorscooters, within the greater Los Angeles area, through rides and other events. The sheer enjoyment of riding our scooters will always also be a focus of the VCLA's events.

All are invited and we look forward to riding with all of you!

If you would like more info about the Vespa Club of Los Angeles, e-mail us at: info@vespaclublosangeles.org

Also, if you are a member of MySpace.com, please add us at: www.myspace.com/vcla

The Vespa Club of Los Angeles will once again be doing another TOY RUN ride to the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles this summer. Stay tuned for the date!

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